Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Congratulations to our employees celebrating January work anniversaries!

Future Winners And Losers In Retirement Portfolios

Future Winners And Losers In Retirement Portfolios
By Cyril Tuohy


A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

By Joseph Jacobs, Senior Marketing Consultant

One of my favorite New Year’s rituals is arriving at the gym January 3rd and seeing all the new faces. People waiting in line for an open treadmill with excited optimism on their faces. It’s not until about March that the crowd dies down again and things are back to normal. How can we improve our commitment to a resolution? Well, you need a coach!

It doesn’t have to be an actual “coach” – it could be your beloved annuity or life marketer at Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange. Let’s lay out some New Year’s resolutions to build your business in 2017 and we can keep you driven and committed. I have a few ideas you may want to consider!

Predictions and Prognostications... Yeah, Right...

By Heath Waddington, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Typically we ring in the New Year with an attempt to sum up the year that has just ended and give our thoughts on what the coming year may bring. While the look back may be relatively easy, the look ahead is proving to be extremely difficult. The Department of Labor fiduciary rule will continue to be the biggest topic facing the industry this year, just as it was last year, and will make any of our predictions suspect at best, given that the ultimate fate of the rule is unknown as I write this.

DOL releases fresh fiduciary rule FAQ for investors

DOL releases fresh fiduciary rule FAQ for investors
By Melanie Waddell