Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Your Clients Want to Hear from You!

By Joseph Jacobs, Senior Marketing Consultant

I often wonder why it is my realtor still wants to meet for lunch or coffee a couple of times a year. I like my house and I have no plans of moving. However, every time we meet I notice myself thinking of friends that may be selling or buying a home, or thoughts creep in that maybe it’s time I look at a property as a vacation spot or investment. Turns out, it’s not my unrelenting charm that brings her to call me for a visit. It’s just good business.

What could happen if you were meeting your clients more regularly than you do? Studies on how often clients want to hear from their financial professionals have shown staggering results: Clients want to hear from you! At the very least, an annual review gives you a chance to remind them of the benefits of the product(s) they have, as well as a chance to see if any changes in their lives could require some adjustments. Equally as important, it gives you a chance to “tune in” and deepen your relationship, which makes the chances of a referral skyrocket. Is there a new grandchild? Selling the vacation home? Has leaving a legacy become more or less important for some reason? These are opportunities for you to add value to their lives – opportunities that would have been missed if you only called to respond to a service request or if your client missed a premium payment.

It can cost a great deal of money and effort to get in front of a new client willing to sit and talk with you. It costs nothing to meet with an existing client. Take the time in the beginning to ask how often they would like to meet or receive a call from you. Let them know that you like to check in quarterly so you can be sure to keep your commitment to helping to protect their retirement income, life insurance, or whatever it is you’re working on for them. I consider myself a very busy person. I couldn’t carve out another appointment to save my life. In fact, I waited a month to get those chest pains looked into! That’s another great reason to ask upfront how often a client would like contact. Sometimes it’s a call, a meeting, or just a note, but make that contact. Your existing book could be more valuable than you think. Call us today at 800.321.3924 to get more ideas, software, and material to help with your annual reviews.

Joseph Jacobs | Senior Marketing Consultant

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