Wednesday, May 04, 2016

First Quarter Check-up

By Joseph Jacobs, Senior Marketing Consultant

The first quarter is in the books and now is a great time to check on your progress for the year. Hopefully you are on pace and are feeling accomplished by meeting some of the goals you had set for yourself. However, some of you may be in a different, less appealing situation. Let’s look at three situations you could be facing and some tips on maximizing your first quarter check-in.

“I am making it happen!”
At this time you are on track and making progress towards your end goals. Good for you! I would take this opportunity to push for that extra 10%. Don’t rest now – it’s early in the year and with this head start you need to bear down a bit and ride the wave of success! Take note of what you feel are your key reasons for doing well: maybe your attitude, a new product or rate, or maybe a new approach. Be sure to keep doing what works while trying enhancements along the way.

“I’m just a bit off pace, I really need to get things moving faster.”
This can be a tipping point for you. The bad news is, the first quarter flew by, but the good news is you have three quarters left! Take a look at your successes and identify why you feel they materialized. Were there specific demographics that worked better for you? Was it a specific product or situation that you felt more comfortable presenting? Keep those wins in mind and set forth some new, achievable goals. Re-energize yourself – you got this! The game is far from over!

“The first quarter is over?? Well, that’s depressing.”
OK, you got off to a late start, but there is time to save this. We call this the “Secretariat” (coming back to a win from far behind, against all odds) and in my opinion this is the most satisfying kind of success. You need to find a way you can turn this around. Every conversation is an opportunity. Every happy customer knows someone like-minded, so get those referrals even if it is uncomfortable to ask. Break your goals down to daily tasks to get you there. One of the best leads resources is your smiling face. Get it out there. Be that comeback story!

Whatever your situation, don’t go at it alone. There is no shame in asking for help – reach out to peers or centers of influence for ideas and support. Make connections with others that may be referral sources. Most of all, reach out to your marketer at Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange for ideas and help to make this year great! 800.321.3924

Joseph Jacobs | Senior Marketing Consultant
Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange
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