Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hot Ideas for a Summer Client Event

By Joseph Jacobs, Senior Marketing Consultant

What if I told you that finding what your top clients want is actually easy? Essentially, it is the same things you and I would want. We want to have a good time, network with others, and occasionally enjoy something we wouldn’t normally do on our own. Client events can be a great time to offer just that to your clients, as well as deepen your relationship and possibly meet new people. I have a few ideas that could help make for a successful summer!

When planning these events, keep in mind that each local area may have different attractions and interests. Also keep in mind that not everyone’s tastes and schedules are the same, so maybe plan two events at different times and allow your invitees to choose one or both. You also want to add enough interest and allow for them to invite a guest so they feel more comfortable.

Try something new – brand new! A private, off-hours test drive event at a local auto dealership can be fun. Choose a dealer with an exciting new model. Contact the dealer manager and let him/her know you want a private, no-pressure event to test drive a few cars. Add some light appetizers for a great evening. Most dealers will see the value, as no one buys a car without a test drive first! You could also do this at a boat dealer. If you live near water, an evening trip on the newest model pontoon or cruiser could be a hit!

How about grapes and grains? Wine and craft beer events are great! Venues could include a winery or brewery, and restaurants may set this up for you as well, hopefully on their outdoor patio area. Most artisanal food shops or markets would jump to help you with this as well. After all, it is free publicity for them! (Look at you, making friends all over town!)

Make your clients feel special. Set up a hospitality tent at a local fair or festival. Your clients are welcome to stop in for a free bite to eat, cold drink, and maybe a business branded gift. The key to making this work is pre-advertising to your clients before the event and maybe send them “tickets” for the tent so they know to look for you. Let them all know you will be there and what’s available. Inevitably, others will notice your clients getting the special treatment.

Add value. Have attendees show up and then surprise them with a drawing for a prize, preferably one that is of nominal value, but is fun or thoughtful. Make every effort to meet and greet each person and especially the guests they bring. Make it personal and fun by adding light music and plenty of gratitude!

While there are some compliance considerations* for such events, we wanted to get you started on a few ideas that may be appropriate for your situation.  Call your marketing team here at Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange for help with more ideas to build your business. 800.321.3924

Joseph Jacobs | Senior Marketing Consultant
Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange
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*Various state insurance regulations, as well as other state regulators prohibit the “gifting” of items, or inducements, which may include entertainment expenses, marketing or other activities (e.g. client appreciation events, etc.) by financial professionals in excess of a certain dollar value with some of those limits being as low as an annual aggregate value of zero dollars. Be sure to check with your state(s), broker/dealer, and other regulators and firms to ensure that you are complying with applicable requirements and guidelines.

Prior to engaging in any marketing or advertising campaigns, Producers should follow the approval requirements of the carriers they represent and their broker/dealer and registered investment adviser, if applicable.

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