Wednesday, September 07, 2016

So long, summer…

Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange said goodbye to summer with two fun events for staff.

In the past, we shared on our blog the bounty of new babies that blessed the families of Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange employees. Well those babes are bigger now…and a few more have been added since. Nothing says summer fun better than ice cream and games, so we hosted all of them for a kid-friendly event in our office. From sprinkles to face painting and so much more, all our “littles” had tons of fun and walked away with awesome bags of goodies, too. Big thanks to the staff from our administrative team for their help that day. And big thanks from all the parents and grandparents for a night of very sound slumber that followed.

Doors locked. Phones off. Time to get outside for fun! In true old-school style, Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange staff hit the local metro park to celebrate the end of summer with a company picnic. Rave reviews on the food. Rowdy rivalry between the competing teams. Lots of laughter and entertainment had by all.