Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Could Mentoring Build Your Practice?

This weekend I am going on a fishing trip with a friend and his sons. It’s been an 18-year tradition. When describing who I am going with, I still say, “He is my old boss.” I have not worked for him in 16 years and we have been friends much longer than we were co-workers, but I still see him as my mentor and a leader I respect. He played a big role in helping me find a career path and mentored me through some tough times.

Why would someone invest so much into a person who may need direction? For those of us that have enjoyed success, we can find some gratification in helping someone working towards the same goal. I have found that through mentoring, you can actually refine what made you successful as you convey and teach those skills to someone else. The refining of your skills can be a rejuvenation for you as well.

When I made a mistake, he would tell me what we were going to do to correct it and why. The opportunity will come when your mentee makes a big mistake. The idea is to grow from this and there is an opportunity for the mentor as well. By demonstrating control, wisdom, and restraint, you can polish your skills in recommending a correct path without being condescending – a skill we sometimes lose over time that can also be priceless with clients.

Mentoring someone can magnify the steps you took that helped build your business. Those steps could still be just as effective in building your business today. Teaching your skills will help in simplifying solutions, ideas, and direction as you convey that to your pupil. This can also refocus you to be more effective at your business. You force yourself to take a more objective look when you teach it to someone else. Use this fresh outlook for another push for growth.

By assigning valuable tasks, you can free up time to work on your important clients. As time progresses, and if you do a good job mentoring, your disciple can take on a larger role, leaving you more time to grow your practice. Depending on the situation, it could also make your transition to retirement so much easier.

Being a mentor will take time and effort. But the payoffs can be rewarding and far-reaching. If you feel stuck or frustrated with the growth of your business, maybe you need to consider investing the time and effort in mentorship. If you do it right, you both will win. Call today to get more information, training, and support from the AAAE team: 800.321.3924 

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