Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

One of my favorite New Year’s rituals is arriving at the gym January 3rd and seeing all the new faces. People waiting in line for an open treadmill with excited optimism on their faces. It’s not until about March that the crowd dies down again and things are back to normal. How can we improve our commitment to a resolution? Well, you need a coach!

It doesn’t have to be an actual “coach” – it could be your beloved annuity or life marketer at Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange. Let’s lay out some New Year’s resolutions to build your business in 2017 and we can keep you driven and committed. I have a few ideas you may want to consider!

Make relationships: You should make two or three solid referral-source relationships happen this year, preferably in the first quarter. Attorneys and CPAs have clients that could potentially benefit from the fixed life insurance and annuity products you offer. Don’t rush into selling them on how these types of solutions may resolve common tax and income issues for some of their clients, rather, do some research to find attorneys and CPAs with good credentials and reputation. Then, begin the conversation by working to establish trust. Get to know their practice better and let them know what you can do for their business and how a referral stream between your businesses may be good for you both and beneficial for your shared clients. Trust me when I say, you are not the first person to approach them with this idea, so choose wisely and think through your approach.

Identify your strengths: Your clients need to know what you bring to the table, so polishing your identity through branding and reviving your value proposition can be well worth your time.

Identify your weaknesses: What may have caused you to lose business in 2016 that you may be able to change in 2017? Things you can change? Did you lose a deal to someone with more credentials, or a better location or office? Maybe their presentation was better or product offerings more competitive? Try and correct what you can.

Plant a seed: I have mentioned this in many articles, and it bears repeating! One way to give a lift to you and your business is to volunteer. Find a charity, community program, or position that you could take on. While not much direct business may come from that, in general, you reap what you sow and some “good vibes” sure couldn’t hurt! You will also make contacts that you may not have had before, and a new friend or advocate is a good thing.

Work on your self-image: Go get yourself a good shave from a barber, and a new suit. For our esteemed female producers, get those highlights you wanted and treat yourself to a new “power suit”! Whatever it is, everyone feels good when they look good, so start the year off right and go to your next meeting with confidence. People are drawn to it!
We are here to help you grow your business. Let’s talk about your goals, and how we can help keep you on track, even by simply checking in and encouraging you along the way. Call Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange today to kick your year off right! 800.321.3924

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