Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Make the 2017 Tax Reference Guide Part of Your Practice

By Dina Mestel, Sales Trainer

Many of your clients look to you to keep track of important financial information and changes that they are unable to keep up on or prefer not to keep track of on their own. There are many ways that you can use your access to the 2017 Tax Reference Guide to build and strengthen relationships with new or current clients.

This guide is available through Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange and may be customized with your contact information and given to clients as a part of your annual review, used in a seminar, or incorporated into a regular communication process that you may have already established with your current client base via personal meeting, email, or newsletter. Additionally, you can reach out to new clients with this information as well. This piece is not product-related and its information can be helpful to people in different ways.

The guide is updated every year with the most current tax information and thresholds and is our most sought-after and used piece of marketing material year in and year out. Many of our agents currently use this material with their clients, but for those of you who have not yet done so, now is the perfect time to start incorporating it into your practice.

Using the 2017 Tax Reference Guide with your clients is a very cost-effective and versatile way to interact with clients and prospects and offer helpful information that goes beyond products. Use this guide to spark strategic conversations about your clients’ individual financial situations. The information in the guide may provide opportunities or areas of consideration for them that they may not otherwise have been aware of. Most importantly, having the piece available shows your clients that they can view you as a resource.

Consider creating a repeatable marketing process by incorporating the Tax Reference Guide into your communication with your clients every year. Regardless of whether your clients examine the information in detail or not, sharing it with them demonstrates that you are aware of this information and are proactively keeping them informed. Of course, for more advanced questions and scenarios, please advise your clients to consult with their tax advisor or attorney.

Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange has copies of this information on hand from a variety of carriers and also has a PDF that can be customized with your specific contact information as well. Please contact your marketer today for access to these pieces at 800.321.3924 .

Dina Mestel | Sales Trainer
Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange
Ph: 800.321.3924 x119 | Dir: 734.786.6119

Please note that Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange and its representatives do not give legal or tax advice. Encourage your clients to consult their tax advisor or attorney.

Prior to engaging in any social media, marketing programs, or seminars, producers should follow the approval requirements of their state(s), the carriers they represent and their broker/dealer and registered investment adviser, where needed, to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

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