Thursday, April 27, 2017

Are Your Clients Stuck in Park?

Sales can be very cyclical. Buying, in most cases, is an emotional decision and predicting emotions is nearly impossible for many reasons. They can be affected by factors like personal feelings and moods related to family, health, seasons, and social or economic environments, among many others. If that isn’t hard enough to decipher, then you need to take into account how each person views those situations and try to find a way to tell your story that will motivate them to move on the solution they need. No matter how compelling our story, client behavior as a result can in some cases slow sales down to a crawl.

Recently the political, economic, and social environment have been blamed for why many potential clients seem to be sitting on the sidelines. Lately, many people have seemed to be in a hold steady mode for financial decisions. No one is sure how potential changes could affect our daily lives and futures. The country seems pretty evenly divided on thinking either good or bad news is around the corner.

The solutions and products we offer are still relevant, so how do we get clients to see that waiting may not always be the best course of action? Be understanding, non-biased, and supportive. Uncertainty, regardless of whether the person thinks things are getting better or getting worse, is still an emotionally driven assumption since we ultimately cannot see the future.

Let your clients voice their opinions, listen, and then carefully offer your solution with facts to prove its relevance to their needs regardless of change. In many cases an annuity or life policy can still be a great solution for a portion of your clients’ money no matter what the election results are or where the economy is headed. Clients still may need retirement income, beneficiary protection, and a more secure option for some of their assets. Uncertainty is an additional objection to overcome, but if you take the time to address these points upfront, your services will be better received.

Knowing all this about client behavior and emotion, how do you proceed? How do you gather this information, finding appropriate solutions and materials to keep dialogues moving forward toward reaching your clients’ financial goals? Your marketer and the staff at Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange can help.

We offer a service model that is dedicated to getting you what you need, when you need it. We offer an expansive list of fixed insurance products to fit most any niche or issue you are trying to solve. As this industry changes we are here to help you navigate the new territory and requirements, just as we have been for over 25 years. From consumer-friendly information and marketing tools, to product and licensing material, to working to get your client’s policy in hand as fast as possible, we strive to do our best for you. Call your friends at Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange today to get the help you deserve!

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