Monday, May 01, 2017

3 S’s of Your Back Office: Streamlined, Systematized, Supported

By the AAAE Administrative Staff

Successful financial professionals spend time in front of their clients, not trapped in the back office sorting out problems. The individuals who have been freed from burdensome back office details or those who use support staff to respond to client requests and be more proactive on service issues often do so with a back office for their back office. The staff that make up the administrative departments at Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange (AAAE) stepped up to serve that role for thousands of independent producers doing business with us over the years.

AAAE realized many years ago that a significant opportunity existed to provide back office value to our producers. We recognized and embraced the changing landscape of financial services and adapted our model of service and available tools and resources in the areas of licensing and contracting, pre-sale administrative support, new business guidance, forms distribution, and suitability review.

To help manage day-to-day operations, it helps to ensure your back office is running at top speed and time is not wasted on non-essential tasks: streamlined. When processes like getting contracted, completing mandated training, and submitting new business via e-app platforms are facilitated by technology and a team doing follow-ups on your behalf, you can spend more time nurturing client relationships than fixing paperwork errors: systematized. And in a changing industry such as ours, you’re going to sink unless you can find a lifeboat to stay current, competitive and organized: supported.

Remember that the back office of a thriving financial professional doesn’t have to be confined to his or her physical address at “123 Main Street”. It can be shared, leveraged, and supported by the administrative team here at AAAE. We are partnering every day with producers on a deeper level to provide expanded and improved service. The AAAE administrative departments possess specific skills in multitasking, process knowledge, communication, and daily procedures, all performed with the goal of providing a fully supportive back office to meet your specific licensing and new business needs. If your back office is currently lacking any of these three attributes – being streamlined, systematized, or supported – it’s time to look at the ways that Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange can help. Call us at 800.321.3924 or  visit today to learn more.

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