Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Be Ready for the New World

For years, the insurance and financial industry has been changing. Regardless of any one single rule or regulation, the industry is moving towards a more structured environment with oversight and extensive rules to follow. While this can be difficult to implement into your practice and could pose roadblocks for the way you do things now, the trend is most likely not going to reverse.

The good news is that there are tools available to help you manage your business and information more easily, and quite possibly convey your message more clearly to your clients. The even better news is that Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange offers tools that range from help with practice management to analysis software that can actually help you with your recommendations and sales.

One of these tools we now offer is the Redtail customer relationship management (CRM) system. Maintaining customer information is critical and a good CRM can be extremely useful for you. Not only can you keep information on each client and file, some programs offer extensive reporting and account reminders as well as automated contact reminders. Keeping all of this information in one secure location could be very beneficial to you.

Other tools that we offer can be a big help when sitting down with clients. Visuals go a long way with clients and can help them understand the concept you are presenting as a solution. There are software programs that allow you to input client information, wishes, and desires as it pertains to their retirement, in order to then show them a personalized and organized presentation of the reality for possible solutions. Not only is it good to have this in your file for future reference, it is much more compelling for the client to see the goals and why the products you are offering make sense. Software solutions like RetireUp, Retirement Analyzer, and Ready-2-Retire are some of the options you can access through Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange.

There are numerous solutions, and new ones on the way, to help keep your information and sales process organized and compliant, while at the same time helping you demonstrate how the products you offer can solve your clients’ retirement needs. Call your marketer today if you would like more information on the tools we have available!

Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange is not affiliated with the various third party vendors offering the noted services nor do we guarantee the accuracy or quality of their services. Although we may promote and/or recommend the services offered by these companies, agents are ultimately responsible for the use of any materials, strategies, or services and agree to comply with applicable regulations and the compliance requirements of their state(s), broker/dealer and registered investment adviser (if applicable), and the insurance carriers they represent.

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