Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Focus… Just Focus

 By Don N. Carlson, Partner, & John A. Kailunas II, Founder
Regal RIA / Regulus Advisors
(Guest Contribution)

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The news and noise continue to pour out of Washington and from everyone’s mobile devices. Everyone has an opinion that needs to be expressed. Everyone talks, but no one seems to be listening.

Our primary focus as financial services professionals is to make sure that we are focused on our clients, and it seems in our political and entertainment news that we are constantly bombarded with facts, half-facts, and even in some cases, alternate facts. Financial services professionals can’t be focused on the noise or be led astray from your client’s goals and objectives. We need to be focused on the client’s goals and their objectives because they are listening, and more importantly, reacting to the news/noise. Focus on what your clients want and the solutions to their needs. Examine the problems without an emotional sentiment and you will find opportunities in the marketplace. Focus on relationships and business practices.

Distractions are creating an uneasiness in a form of information paralysis. Information overload, at best, will delay your client’s goals, your own goals (practice management), and in worst-case scenarios, derail your collective goals.

Simply… take a break, focus, and breathe. Prioritize your client’s goals and needs first and focus to establish a well-crafted plan. Plan for contingencies, but be realistic and candid with your clients and prospective clients. This process needs to be extended to you, your practice, and your personal life.

We at Regal use a couple things to keep us on track:

First, is what we call the quadrant of focus. This quadrant helps prioritize what
is important and what is not. All you simply need to do is take a look at all of your decisions/actions on a daily basis and put them through these four quadrants. If they match up with any one of those quadrants, take the appropriate action.

The second thing that we use to keep us on the ball at Regal is our Superior Six. Superior Six is simply a to-do list. It helps you keep your thoughts and processes organized. Each day you commit to yourself that the six items you place on your list will be handled.

If you use these two simple techniques, the quadrant and the Superior Six,

you will find that you will be much more successful in obtaining new clients, retaining existing clients, and will have a much more valued practice, not to mention an increased quality of life.

About the Authors: Don and John are part of Regal Financial Group, LLC, a community of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and independent advisors. Their retail brand provides financial planning and wealth management for individuals, small businesses and a select group of families. Regal Financial Group affiliates pride themselves on three key principles: integrity, innovation, and independence.
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