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Steps to Implement Repeatable Successful Acts

Guest Contribution, By Stephen Harvill, Creative Ventures
Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange recently hosted a producer event where Stephen Harvill spoke about his findings from interviewing 175 top leaders and producers spanning seven different industries. The outcome of this published research, carried out over two years, is a platform Harvill calls Repeatable Successful Acts (RSAs).
In addition to being an author, Harvill is the founder and president of Creative Ventures, a strategic and organizational firm in Dallas, Texas, with more than 25 years of experience in organizational consulting.

Below are summarized excerpts from the powerful presentation that Harvill delivered to the producers at our event, along with one extra bonus RSA. The attendees found his ideas and approach to be so useful that we wanted to take this opportunity to share it with all of those who were unable to attend. It is our hope that you find this useful and such insight may allow you to determine your own Repeatable Successful Acts within your own business.
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Understanding the Impact of RSAs
Leaders are defined by their behaviors and consistent patterns of behavior can form a strategically impactful model. It is through our studies of such top leaders and producers that we have been able to determine the patterns of their beliefs and behaviors that directly related to their success. These powerful behaviors created the foundation for the Repeatable Successful Acts strategic platform. In total there are 28 RSAs.

The RSA platform now holds a position in the learning process of over a dozen Fortune 100 companies.

The idea is simple: if you can make some small but powerful changes in the patterns of behavior that you follow in your daily process, you can gain substantial impact in your outcome. The RSA platform creates a menu of ideas and new activities that will deliver a way to approach your strategies.

Key RSAs 

Shout It Out
In a world filled with choices, the challenge is to remain top of mind with your clients. Each and every one that depends on you to provide the products and services that protect not only themselves, but also their families need to be reminded of the key role you play in this scenario. Letting your clients know that you are doing a fantastic job is part of a true professional sales strategy. Develop simple strategies such as newsletters, blogs, and the social media that will keep you and your company at the top of your clients’ minds*!

One Level Above
Taking one significant, consistent step can change the entire client experience!

The world presents you with problems that are mostly out of your control. OLA provides you with a simple, powerful, and elegant strategy to impact the way your clients experience your services and professional skills. It’s about doing one and only one impactful thing.

Begin by becoming a cartographer, a mapmaker. Map out your current client experience, every piece of it. Do it on a large whiteboard so everyone can see it. Define each piece of the process in current reality – where you are now. Allow as many people to be involved as possible. The more eyes the better!

Once you have mapped the process and everyone comes to agreement on the current reality, it is time to look for the one area that can be impacted with some immediate strategic actions.

Anyone can go from bad to good to great, but only through single steps can you gain extraordinary impact!

The area might not be obvious at first so play with ideas. Once you have the idea you have your OLA, your one area of focused action. The key is that this one area must become consistent in its delivery so that it changes your current reality. Even doing only one thing takes time and a firm commitment. The world is actually significantly changed one step at a time.

Smart Goals Are Key
It’s not just about goal setting; it’s about the right goals, smart goals. You need to create a simple filter that allows all of your goal ideas to have a systemic approach so you can choose wisely. Think about three elements that define a smart goal. If your idea cannot get through the three criteria, it is not a smart goal!

The Power of Patterns
There is power in finding and understanding the patterns that exist in our businesses. These patterns can help us solve problems and open the doors to opportunities. Patterns exist in almost every system and process, providing us with the ability to gain a quick understanding of behaviors.
To discover a pattern start like this:
•    Define the system or process you want to improve.
•    Sketch out every aspect of the entire system. Think of it like drawing a map. Clearly define each point and though it sounds obvious it is critically important to start at the beginning.
•    Once you have a map, look for the elements that repeat themselves. This may not be obvious at first, but most systems have repetitions concealed in their form and function. This is the first pattern you will discover. By eliminating the repeating aspects of a system you begin to control its complexity. Think about how many times you have to show your boarding pass before you can get on your flight. Tons of repetition.

The idea is that by practicing pattern recognition you will be able to leverage newfound opportunities.

The views and information presented by Stephen Harvill are his own. Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange is not affiliated with Stephen Harvill, his affiliated companies, nor his associates.

* Prior to engaging in any social media, marketing programs, or seminars, producers should follow the approval requirements of their state(s), the carriers they represent and their broker/dealer and registered investment adviser, where needed, to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

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