Thursday, October 26, 2017

Step into the Light!

What if we told you that you would never have to print out a 50-page application again? What if we told you that you would never have to walk into a client’s house and have them sign seemingly 100 times on an annuity application? They would only have to sign once. What if we told you we had a way to make sure you had the most up-to-date paperwork when you met with a client every time? What if we told you that you would not have to go back out to the client to get a piece of missing paperwork? What if we told you could get your business processed faster? Would you be interested?

Well “step into the light” of FireLight®. Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange, in conjunction with Insurance Technologies, recently launched a new electronic application submittal system that is available to all producers* contracted with Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange, through our website portal at FireLight is an electronic application system that helps financial professionals (FPs) complete “in good order” applications quickly and easily, allowing them to save valuable selling time.

FPs are also excited that FireLight eliminates the process of shipping applications between the client and the carrier, saving time and money. This expedited and streamlined process means policies issue more quickly for the client and the FP is paid sooner, compared to traditional paper applications.

Integrated business rules dynamically auto-populate application forms based on state and product, easing the data collection process while meeting important compliance and suitability requirements. FireLight also automatically dates and timestamps electronic communications, application changes, signature captures, and submission information regardless of the device from which you access FireLight, keeping records associated with the sale organized and accessible.

At Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange we understand that sometimes new technology can be overwhelming. That is why we have dedicated staff members that will walk you through the entire FireLight process in advance of placing that first application. They will cover accessing the online FireLight system through our website, system considerations to be mindful of so that your business is treated in good order, as well as the most useful tips and best practices to be successful. They will take you all the way through the end of the process when you click send after you have completed the application with a prospective client.

Don’t get left in the dark – step into the light with Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange and FireLight. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 800.321.3924.

Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange

* If you are a registered representative, check with your broker/dealer to make sure e-applications are allowed.

FireLight is a registered trademark of Insurance Technologies, LLC.

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