Thursday, October 06, 2016

Even the Lone Ranger Had a Trusted Ally

I once heard the aphorism, “If you try to be good at everything, you will be great at nothing.” I am sure that if you are reading this, you not only have great taste in literature, but you must care about your business. You care so much that you never want to give wrong information or miss an opportunity for a better product solution. You want to get your client what they need and try to stay between the ever-changing bounds of regulation. With the insurance and financial industry evolving at a breakneck pace, how will you ever manage to stay on top of all the changes in regulations and products? The answer is, you won’t – at least not alone.

What you really need to succeed is a resource that will take your business as seriously as you do, and in this industry that can be hard to find. For fixed annuity and life insurance cases, that role can be filled by your marketing organization (FMO/IMO). Preferably, it’s an organization with perspective and experience in managing relations so they understand the challenges of sales and connecting with prospects. You want a marketing organization that offers a multitude of products and won’t put your career in jeopardy to close one last case for the month, but will help to protect you against a possible compliance misstep before it happens.

Most importantly, this year and the next will see some significant changes that could have serious repercussions if not navigated carefully. This topic should not be treated lightly or as just another recruiting tool from what is supposed to be your trusted resource. This is an industry-wide set of new rules that could require carefully orchestrated changes for you. There is no one single solution for everyone, and having a marketing organization that knows the waters well, has a service model that has been in place for years, and has additional resource partners to serve you, is exactly what you need.

Where would you ever find such a resource? You are literally staring it in the face. Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange is a great place to get service, support, and someone that will stand with you through the ups and downs. We are someone that will do research while you are working on your next sale. We are the one that will tell you about a suitability or compliance concern and help you work through it.

When things do not go right for my producers, I get a sinking feeling because I know exactly how it feels. I also celebrate their victories and over time establish friendships I cherish. I am not alone. Everyone here at Ann Arbor Annuity realizes that we can’t do what we do without you. Call today to find out more about our plans to help you succeed, even in the face of change. 800.321.3924

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