Thursday, May 31, 2018

7 Tips for Hosting a Client Appreciation Event

Client appreciation events are a worthwhile investment in your clients and in the well-being of your business. They are not designed to pitch products or sales – they are designed to help build community, keep you connected with clients, and ensure new client acquisition opportunities through a memorable experience. Below are some tips on how to host a successful client event.

  1. Invite clients by phone. This important step creates excitement for the event while relaying the important who, what, where, and when information. You can use this call to share that this is not an invitation to a sales pitch. In addition, a personal call adds a level of importance to an event and gives you a quick idea of who may be able to attend.
  2. Create an events page on your website. Your events are an extension of your brand and can enhance your professional image. Listing events on your webpage along with appropriate photos gives a prospect or referral who may be checking out your website a better overall picture of you.
  3. Be accommodating. Remember, this event is for your clients, so make it easy for them. Pick a convenient location with lots of parking. Find out what is best for your clients: Do they prefer evening events? Would a breakfast event be better?
  4. Keep your attendee count small. When creating a list of invitees, aim for 25-50. Remember that each client you invite will likely bring a guest. You also want to encourage your guests to bring referrals, so keeping the invitation list small will keep the overall count manageable for you. You want to be able to have a quality interaction with every person at the event.
  5. Confirm attendance. Two to three days before the event, do a pre-event call campaign confirming that those who said they were attending will still attend. This will get your attendees to verbally commit to coming and ensure they haven’t forgotten about the event.
  6. Close the evening. At the end of the event don’t forget to close the evening. Stand up in front of the room and thank your guests for coming. Thank them specifically for referrals – this will reinforce the message that referrals are encouraged and greatly appreciated.
  7. Follow up! Send a thank you note to every client who attended and especially those who brought a referral.
The trust and loyalty that you build through client appreciation events will create continuous growth for your business. As an added bonus, these events can create fun and memorable experiences for all.

Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange

Various state insurance regulations, as well as other state regulators prohibit the “gifting” of items, or inducements, which may include entertainment expenses, marketing or other activities (e.g. client appreciation events, etc.) by financial professionals in excess of a certain dollar value with some of those limits being as low as an annual aggregate value of zero dollars.  Prior to engaging in any marketing programs, be sure to check with your state(s), broker/dealer, and other regulators and firms to ensure that you are complying with applicable requirements and guidelines.

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