Thursday, August 02, 2018

Coach Your Practice to the Next Level

Almost all famous athletes or performers have a coach. But have you considered how a coach or mentor could take your insurance practice to the next level? “Everyone needs a coach,” says Bill Gates.[1] Whether we are a CEO, leader, teacher, basketball player, or bridge player, we all need people who will help us reach our goals and give us feedback. In order to improve, we all need to receive feedback. Those that excel continue to learn and improve upon themselves over the years.

Coaching can be defined many different ways, but the overall goal is to elevate yourself in whatever capacity you choose. Rarely do individuals see themselves as others see them. A positive coaching partnership can yield many rewards. There are so many ways a coach or mentor may impact your practice. If you are considering coaching, here are a few ways you may benefit.

When you have the support of a coach it may give you the confidence to make decisions you did not have the courage to go through with on your own. Having your coach’s experience blended with yours may allow you greater productivity with hard results. You might learn more about yourself and how others see you, which could lead to improved communication that could elevate your business. Your coach may give ideas to improve your practice that you do not see. By having a coach in your corner you may get results faster and with more precision than you would on your own. Two heads are better than one.

These are just a few ways that having a coach or mentor may help elevate your business. If you are the type of person that wants to grow and improve and is willing to trust someone to support you, then you may really benefit from a coach or mentor. Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange has opportunities available to connect you with a producer mentor. If you are interested in the details, contact your marketer.

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[1] “Bill Gates – We All Need Coaches”

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